The Types of Automatic Sliding Doors

    If you're not sure what kind of automatic door to install on your property, the installation technicians at industrial door and dock have experience repairing, maintaining and installing a variety of automatic doors.

    When you work with our specialists, we'll take the time to learn about your business' needs before recommending the best door for you.

    Automatic Sliding Doors

    Automatic sliding doors have flat glass panels that slide horizontally and linearly. While there are several unique configurations of automatic sliding doors, most modern models include sensors, control mats and even safety signage to display near your doors.

    Automatic Folding Doors

    Automatic folding doors are comprised of two or more separate panels where one swings and the other slides in a guide.Some automatic folding doors may include a single folding door that folds in or out, or a pair of doors that simultaneously folds on its own.

    Automatic Swinging Doors

    As their name suggests, automatic swinging doors are doors that swing or rotate automatically.

    While there are several different types of automatic swinging doors, including a single door that swings in or out and a pair of doors that simultaneously swing at the same time, choosing the best door for your business can be a tricky Endeavour.